Breastfeeding is the perfect welcome for your baby with benefits far beyond the nutrition of breast milk. Challenges (such as a painful, tense or uncoordinated suck and difficulty transferring milk) are often the result of subtle tension, torticollis, tongue-tie, structural misalignment and emotional response patterns of energy that can create temporary yet alterable physical tendencies. Additionally, these issues may create a tense “fussy” baby. Releasing restrictions influences the baby’s ability to nurse effortlessly. Leigh welcomes new mothers and babies with an initial interview, assessment, and treatment of physical and emotional stress response patterns. Using light touch and gentle movements rooted in osteopathic principal and OT, Leigh can stimulate the body’s self-correcting reflexes to shift neuromuscular patterns and restore balance. Gentle, simple exercises may be given to support and integrate the changes in alignment and muscle memory accomplished during the session. Often noticeable and lasting improvements are reported during the initial session and generally within three to four visits a mother and baby are well on their way to enjoying a more comfortable and peaceful experience. Leigh welcomes collaboration with your lactation consultant, midwife, doula and your pediatrician to ensure the best of care.